Décor Ideas For Haldi Ceremony

Décor Ideas For Haldi Ceremony: Compared to big fat Indian weddings, the Haldi is a petite occasion that usually happens at home or a small ceremonial hall.

So, why spend a lump sum amount in it when there are options to make it innovative and eye-catching within your budget. Here, I will come up with the coolest Haldi décor ideas that will not cost you more than 20k.

Entrance Décor Ideas

  1. Welcome Board: If you don’t have much time in your hand, you can try this out. It is undoubtedly the easiest decoration idea for a Haldi ceremony. Also, it is quite affordable and will not cost you more than Rs. 200.

2. Craft a Rangoli with earthenware and lanterns: A rangoli is a must for a Haldi function. It is up to you how you want to ornament your rangoli. On average, the cost of crafting a rangoli with lanterns and earthenware ranges from Rs. 2000-3000 per setting. If you want the Haldi ceremony to be a grand event, it’s advisable to make the rangoli with antique lanterns, brass diyas, and flower petals.

Budget decor ideas for haldi

Seating Ideas

  1. Drapes and Fabric: For a perfect millennial bride/groom seating, rent or purchase some sheer drapes. Dupattas can also come in handy in this case.
DIY Haldi decor ideas

2. Drapes and Fairy Lights: This is also a good yet affordable option if you want to make the backdrop of your Haldi ceremony nice and cozy.

Tent Décor Ideas

  1. Drapes with kites: For making the Haldi ceremony opulent and insta-worthy, decorating the tent with yellow drapes and long fabrics is a preferred option to many.
Décor Ideas For Haldi Ceremony

2. Hanging Lanterns inside Lehriya tents: Though it is a bit expensive, Leheriya Tent with Hanging Lanterns can give an artistic touch to your Haldi ceremony.

Décor Ideas For Haldi Ceremony

Hanging Décor Ideas

  1. Bangles hanging arrangement: It is the cheapest of all. You don’t have to spend a single penny for making this arrangement. Just take a genda phool Mala and put some bangles around it and your work is over for the day.
Décor Ideas For Haldi Ceremony

2. Hanging parandis: Are you searching for easy-peasy DIY hanging? If yes, rent or purchase some parandis and hang it with a rope where the Haldi ceremony will be held.

Décor Ideas For Haldi Ceremony

Centerpiece Ideas

  1. Rose and Marigold laden pickle jars: The cost of pickle jars with flowers is about Rs.400-500 per seating. Also, you can purchase some terracotta pickle jars and fill it up with roses and marigolds of various types.
Décor Ideas For Haldi Ceremony

2. Cool pineapple centerpieces: You can pull it off with minimum efforts. Buy some cheap sunnies for Rs. 50-100 per piece and place them over the pineapples.

Décor Ideas For Haldi Ceremony

3. Lemon and Marigold Centerpiece: Do you know that your Haldi event can be wrapped up within as little as rupees 200. You simply need to purchase some clear square vases for this.

Fill it up with orange marigold flowers and cover it with cardboard on its top.
Finally, stick some toothpicks into your cardboard and then pierce lemons as shown in
the picture.

Ideas of Corner Décor

1. Resplendent steel trunks with floral embellishment: This décor idea can be a little more expensive simply because of the trunk. Surprisingly, this décor idea can be executed for multiple events together.

The cost will vary somewhat within 2000-3000 for each setup. The exact cost will however depend on your trunk’s price. Later, you can use this trunk as a memento once the Haldi ceremony gets over.

2. An oh-so-cool dreamcatcher: You can opt for a DIY approach concerning this décor idea pertaining to your Haldi event. All you need for this is a spherical embroidery hoop.
Team it up pompoms or flowers whichever you prefer.

Get creative like anything and turn your Haldi event into a sheer visual treat. You can also stick some gota accessories about it. This will make your embroidery hoop stand out with an exquisitely dazzling appearance to ensure an impeccable Haldi event ceremony.

Photobooth ideas

1.The Genda Phool Frame: This décor idea is perfect for your Haldi event if your budget is below rupees 500. All you need to do is to hire a carpenter. Then, ask him to connect 4 thick wooden pieces for making a square.

After this, continue twisting Genda Phool garlands all about it. Then, suspend the ends for securing. You can pose for pictures or can simply hang it according to your wish.

2. String and bunting photobooth: This Haldi embellishment idea won’t cost you more than 1500-2000 rupees. To get started, get a metallic or wooden frame installed.
Alternatively, you can also tie up two pillars with a rope on their top.

Followed by this suspend lots of ribbons, streamers, and buntings on their top. Ultimately, hang a few floral balls or paper props to complete the task successfully.

Extraneous décor ideas

1.floral Umbrella: Take an umbrella as shown in the picture. Then, decorate it with Haldi strings and mogra. You can stick or staple them according to your preference.

2. Smoke sticks: Buy smoke sticks costing between rupees 500-600 and filmy entry on the day of your wedding. Couples who want to enter their Haldi event with a
touch of resplendence can opt for this décor idea. Check out the hues as shown in the picture.

The above-mentioned out-of-the-box ideas can turn your Haldi ceremony into an eventful one. So, why wait? Jot down the items you need to purchase and implement accordingly.

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