Creative Wedding Invitations Designs to consider for your Wedding!

Creative wedding invitations designs are important if you are a millennial bride or groom because it is very important on your part to send a perfect wedding invitation card to your guests as it gives the first impression of your wedding ceremony. If you want something unique instead of the standard ones, today there are a number of creative wedding invites to choose from.

Here are some creative wedding invitations designs that you can consider for your D-day.

Rustic wedding cards

Rustic wedding cards exhibit a countryside touch like the dewy atmosphere or the misty air. The themes are mostly nature-inspired and it compliments a rustic themed wedding best. 

Rustic wedding cards

Foldout cards

Foldout invitation cards are available in a number of designs and styles and in contemporary and traditional themes. Instead of cards with a standard jacket, you can opt for foldout cards.

Foldout cards

Postcard invitation

These are fuss-free wedding invites that resembles a postcard. Send a postcard invitation to your guests as this would give them an impression of a fun-filled wedding and entice them to take part.

Postcard invitation

Acrylic invitations

Acrylic invitations look crystal clear and transparent. For ease of reading, printing is done on the clear stock using UV printing technology. Your guests will always remember this classy and beautiful wedding invitation.

Acrylic invitations

Puzzle cards

Sending puzzle cards is another unique way to invite your guests. You can send puzzles to your guests carrying a message to grace the occasion with their presence.

Puzzle cards

Seed paper invites

When it comes to the printed eco-friendly ways to invite your guests, seed paper is a good option. Here the paper is embedded with seeds, which the guests can plant once the wedding is over.

Seed paper invites,Creative Wedding Invitations Designs

Laser cut invitations

Laser-cut invitations are sure to wow your guests, as they look so elegant and beautiful. The invitations come with intricate designs, lace, unique shapes, and beautiful elements.

Laser cut invitations,Creative Wedding Invitations Designs

Flip cards

A flip card is a nice way to provide all the information regarding your wedding function in one single card. Guests need to lift the flap and that seems playful.

Flip cards

Watercolorful wedding invitation

Water colorful cards are inspired by real watercolor pictures. These cards come with a splash of colors, floral designs, striking patterns, and are in trend now.

Watercolorful wedding invitation,Creative Wedding Invitations Designs

Funny and honest invites

A funny and honest invitation card is lighthearted and often comes with humorous words. This kind of wedding invitation is sure to leave your guests laughing. 

Funny and honest invites,Creative Wedding Invitations Designs

Choose one of these stunning wedding invitations and let your guests compliment you!

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Aastha Jha
Founder and CEO at The Wedding Journal


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