Wrap Arts

Ashritha D.A., the founder of Wrap Arts, has come up with a new venture in 2018. She is a fashion designer and a mother of two. Let’s see what she has to share about her journey and...

Wedlac Weddings and Events

Introduction:Weddings nowadays are more than just the pledge between Husband and Wife. It is not only the guests, venue and food but hundred other things. Therefore, Wedlac Weddings and Events is a one-stop solution...

Interview Natures Luxuri

Dr Roy C J and Mrs Liny Roy are founders of Natures Luxuri, and the resort is headquartered in Bangalore. It was known as Confident Cascade Megaresort and Convention Centre, which was changed to Confident Group. They...

Interview with Beauty Island

Hello everyone, we invited Mr Pranav and Mrs Anupama Vatsa, the founders of Beauty Island in Patna, for an interview with ‘The Wedding Journals’. Here’s a quick look at their entrepreneurial journey.

In Conversation with Benchmark Wedding Consultants

Tell us something about yourself and your company.We are a one-stop solution to plan your dream wedding in a simpler, faster & hassle-free way.In simple words, we’re Wedding Consultants who bring...

Interview with Karishma Hiranandani | Founder of Feliz Decor

We invited Karishma Hiranandani, Founder of Feliz Decor, for an interview with TheWeddingJournals. Let’s get to know about her entrepreneurial journey.1. Tell us something about yourself and your company. 

Manisha Porwal Chouraria | An Event Stylist & Wedding Planner

Tell us something about yourself and your company.A brain-child of Manisha Porwal Chouraria, whose mind sheds creativity and innovation runs in the blood, she offers experiences unforgettable. She has been an event...

An Interview with Mr. Swapnil Jain | Founder of The Prop Co.

We invited Mr. Swapnil Jain, Founder of The Prop Co, for an interview with TheWeddingJournals. Let’s get to know about his entrepreneurial journey.Tell us something about yourself and your company. 

An Interview with Abhishek| Founder of Abhishek Verma Photography.

When everyone was struggling to decide on a career, Abhishek Verma had a different vision in his mind. He wanted a job where he could be responsible to spread the love with a camera in his hand....

Glitterzz Creatio by Neha Gupta – Specialist in Trousseau Packaging and Hand Crafted Gift Items

Glitterzz Creatio by Neha Gupta are a specialist in Trousseau packaging and hand crafted gift items with a diverse range of products and designs. It is customized as per the need and...

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