Bridal buns: The Usual, The Unique and the Offbeat!!

All the brides want to look different and unique on their wedding night. For this, they go through hours of makeup and hairstyling sessions to look perfect on D-day. But among all the timeless hairstyles, gorgeous buns are ideal to go with every bridal outfit. Whether you are wearing a lehenga, gown, or saree, you can select different types of bun designs that will go with any post or pre-marriage ceremony. We have gathered all the trending marriage bun hairstyles with pictures so that you have loads of options to select the perfect one according to your wedding attire and hair.

1. Embellished buns along with hair accessories go well with transparent or no dupatta outfit:

2. Traditional bun with a combination of baby breaths and white roses in contrast to a pastel attire:

3. Twisted bun with an amalgamation of colourful baby breaths and carnations will be a winner on your special day:

4. Layered and wavy curls form a chic bun to bowl over everyone at your wedding:

5. Another messy and layered bun with a gorgeous mogra covered around it:

6. An outstanding floral concoction bun will make you look extraordinary on your wedding day:

7. Buns are accessorized with distinctive and eclectic flora to deliver a whimsical appearance:

8. A stunning bun with baby breaths and pink roses will be the cherry on the cake:

9. Cluttered bun decorated with all your favourite flowers:

10. Tasteful and simple bun knot superb for minimalist brides:

11. Tasteful and simple bun knot superb for minimalist brides:

12. Buns with red roses is a classic combination to die for:

13. Slick or neat buns with no accessories are an embodiment of elegance that enhances your umpteen look:

14. Twisted bun hairstyle with pearl and feather accessories will make your heart skip a beat:

15. Give your simple bun a beautiful twist by putting the flowers horizontally in place of vertically:

16. Braided buns are a perfect hairstyle for donning a chic and classic look:

17. Neatly done bun with evergreen mogra adding elegance to the entire bridal appearance:

18. Curly buns with blue orchids or lilies in contrast to the bridal outfit are trending nowadays:

19. All curl bun with a fancy side tiara will complete your look if you are wearing a gown on the most important day of your life:


Bun on marriage occasions can never go out of fashion and will always remain eternal. Buns represent elegance and royalty to elevate the appearance of the brides with no doubt over the ages.                          

Aastha Jha
Founder and CEO at The Wedding Journal


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