Beauty Island: The Best Bridal Makeup Destination In Patna

On the wedding day, the to-be bride wishes to look beautiful, which is why she visits the parlour. Personalizing your style and grooming yourself can only be done when you hire the best makeup artists and grooming professionals in town. One of the renowned names happens to be Beauty Island, based in Patna. Here are some of the top pointers explaining why they are one of the leading brands. 

Take a look at this article which speaks volumes about the best make up salon in Patna, the Beauty Island! Readers will also come to know what they are famous for as well as their services!

  • The trained and skilled stylists 

First of all, Beauty Island is established by Pranav Vatsa and Mrs Anupama Vatsa. They have trained and skilled stylists who undergo training from time to time to enhance their skills. Not only are they specialists in a particular service, but also several styles. With time, they have proved to be the best examples in Patna.

  • Uses high-quality branded products 

They use high-quality branded products, so their customers do not have any complaints about their usage. There is no irritation or rashes you will get after using the products from Beauty Island. The ideal way to know about this is by reading the reviews offered by women who have visited their store. The well-known bridal store is your ultimate destination to get ready for your wedding. 

  • Working all over Bihar 

Based in Patna, but they offer services all over Bihar, and no boundaries and rules are there when it comes to creating a look. They use corrective makeup balance to enhance your features and celebrate your uniqueness. Beauty Island believes in making you look beautiful and building your self-confidence. 

  • Highly qualified 

The stylists are highly qualified and have completed their training from the top beauty leading schools abroad. They will also brief you before the start of the service. As a result, you will have some idea of what to expect in the end, and whether you will be satisfied with the service.  

  • Affordable rates 

Beauty Island also offers affordable services, and it is another reason to visit them. The leading platform has been the no. 1 beauty channel in Bihar and has received around 70 lakh reviews. The extraordinary skills and experiments separate them from their competitors. That’s why they are one of the recommended bridal makeup places in Patna. 

Specialized in skin, hair, and makeup

The full-service platform has more than 25 years of experience, specializing in hair, makeup, and skin. They offer blow-dry services, bespoke haircuts, permanent blow dry, wedding hair styling, etc. Professional stylists enhance the outer and inner beauty of women without losing their original look. It boosts their confidence level, and after visiting, you will find it worthy of taking this decision. The beauticians are aware of different hair and makeup styles. Hence, you can consider them to style you for your wedding. 

Visit Beauty Island They have a team of bridal makeup and hair stylists who will help you achieve a bridal look that people will remember for years. They will also like to adopt a similar style on their wedding day. Beauty Island has also received several awards throughout the years and ready to offer trial services. Most importantly, they believe in using high-end brands, so customers like to visit them always. Book an appointment with Beauty Island if your wedding date is approaching.

Aastha Jha
Founder and CEO at The Wedding Journal


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