Interview with Ashish Sharma | A Renowned Actor in the Television Industry

Ashish Sharma happens to be a renowned name in the television industry. He has several hit shows to his credit and has recently ventured into production house with OnBoard Films. Here’s a quick look at our conversation with him!

Ashish Sharma
  1. Share your journey with us!

Till date, the journey has been great, and it has given me opportunities to realize the strength. If I wouldn’t have taken this path, I would have missed the chance of knowing myself. 

2. Did anyone support you to come to this field?

My mother always supported me in whatever career path I wanted to choose. Initially, she used to hide it from my father, and her unconditional support helped me move into the acting world. First, I started with theatre workshop in Delhi and one fine day I asked my father to come and see my play. He was surprised and happy seeing me performing and gave me a heads up for Mumbai.

Ashish Sharma

3. Did you face any challenges?

Everyone faces challenges when they come to Bombay to pursue their acting career. It is a city of dreams, and a single opportunity or a meeting can change your life. The biggest challenge is to stay focused, and the way you deal with your obstacles defines who you are. The decisions that you will take will make you stronger and a better person. 

4. What encouraged you to start your own production house while taking a break from acting?

Being monotonous in life is something that’s not my cup of tea. I have been working with the top production houses, like Contilo films, Balaji Telefilms, Rashmi Sharma films, for the past ten years. It was the same thing, and I was not enjoying it. So, I decided to become an entrepreneur and start my own production house. 

5. Share something about Onboardfilms. 

Onboardfilms is the best thing that happened to me, and it made my life more meaningful. Durgesh Naagar, my partner, and I started the venture in 2016, and I enjoyed what I am doing here. It’s a good feeling to be working on a new project every time and the whole process of making it happen is exciting. Currently, we have branch out to music videos, commercials and content creation. It has been five years now, and through Onboardfilms, we believe in sharing true stories. 

6. Is there any message that you wish to give out to your fans?

Pursue happiness, and it will give you all the things you wish to have in your life. Instead of listening to other’s strategies and their advice, believe in your instincts. I believed in myself and having the right balance and left everything to the destiny. 

7. Do you have any celebrity crush?

Lisa Haydon is my celebrity crush. 

Ashish Sharma

8. What would have become if not an actor?

I always wanted to be in army. But honestly speaking, it is difficult to say where I would have been working if not acting. 

9. Are there any plans to get back to acting?

Definitely, in Hollywood, actors are involved in everything, like a writer, a producer, a theatre actor, etc. I think when you are involved in the entire process, it makes you a better and intelligent actor. However, you will get to see the impact I had when I face the camera over again. 

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