Some of the Amazing Backyard Wedding Decorative Ideas on a Budget

Wondering to find astounding backyard wedding décor on a budget? This article is for you.

Here we have covered some of the amazing backyard wedding decorations while keeping the budget quite low and the wedding ceremony chic and stylish.

Check out these backyard wedding decorations!

Welcome to the Wedding

Simple and shabby, a dark wooden board with a hand-painted “welcome” or any welcoming message is truly one of the amazing ways to keep everything simple yet stylish.  

It could definitely give you simple, affordable, and beautiful decoration that’s graceful and lovely.

Picture This

Here comes another amazing yet budget-friendly idea. You can keep the old photographs of a couple of pre-wedding photographs displayed there. Everyone would love that.

A wooden photo holder consents photos to be hung to make it humble for each guest to see the photos and embrace the decorations.

Charming Jars

Another decorative material can be jarring. They’re extremely affordable and quite adorable to see. It can add stars to the ceremony.

Paint Mason jars in white, pink, or even metallic. Sit each jar on a slice of a tree stump on each table, fill it with flowers, and voila!

Your instant, budget-friendly and elegant décor are ready!

Magic Mirror

A welcome board is common. Why not think about something unique?

This also makes a cute keepsake for the newlyweds once the wedding is over – it’s already framed!

Backyard Bottles

Outside weddings let you be creative in ways that indoor weddings can’t. That’s why it’s fun to make decorations like this one.

Keep the bottles in while attaching fresh flowers to it and your wedding lane is shining.


Flowers are one of the best choices. Keep it simple. Budget-friendly and decorative.

You’re on a modest price tag, and you’re running out of time – don’t hassle out about making some masterpiece of an arch.


To add more to the celebration décor. One can truly think about keeping the framed photographs of family and friends.

This is not only delightful and creative, but this is something everyone will love looking at!

The wedding is here!

Wedding here! Let guests know they’re in the right place with a beautiful and delightful signboard.

Lights! Lights! Lights!

Use lights and candles to keep everything shining and give the wedding vibes.


Embrace greenery! Decorate the venue while keeping the garden greenery in consideration and see the magic of green!


Here in this brief blog, we have covered some of the beautiful and amazing wedding décor ideas while keeping everything budget-friendly. Money doesn’t always add charm, creativity does!

Aastha Jha
Founder and CEO at The Wedding Journal


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