An Interview With Television Well-Known Actress Aditi Sanwal

Aditi Sanwal, a known personality from the Indian Television Industry, was born on 19th November 1999. She has done popular roles on shows like Satyameva Jayate, Chandragupta Maurya, Kasautii Zindagii Kay, etc. Born in Jhansi, UP, she presently resides in Mumbai and is a bright student. She cleared her MBBS exam and secured a seat in MS Ramaiah Medical College, Bangaluru. After that, she shifted her career to the entertainment world, where she did good roles

  1. Tell us about your journey. 

My journey started like any other litter girl in a small town, normally studying with no clue that I will be an actor one day. But I always wanted to be one from my school or college days. I always thought that people appearing on screen and televisions are different kinds of people. I never thought I could do that. Slowly, when I was in MBBS, I started doing theatres as I wanted to venture into acting. 

Then, I started getting ads in the South and then in Bombay, and I had a Hannah Montana life back then, but slowly and steadily, from Medicine, I switched my career to be in the entertainment industry. So, it’s been a roller coaster ride, and I have been happy, and I feel my journey has been fulfilling. 

2. Was there any defining moment as such when you realized that you wanted to be an actor?

I always wanted to become an actor, as and from a young age. But I have never realized that I want to become one. When I was young and didn’t even start school, my mother used to tell me that I used to stare at posters of films. If somebody used to tell me that the picture name is XYZ, I remembered it. So, the next time I see that poster, I would say the name. 

Everybody used to get impressed that this little girl can read such names. But I could not read at that time; it was just capturing my attention. 

While I was in my schools and college, I was crazy about films, television and not in the Hindi medium only. It was everything, and I was interested in acting in general. Then, I realized in college that I am doing Medicine, but my heart lies here. One day, there was a difficult exam, and I was studying, and all of a sudden, I saw a poster on Facebook. It says they needed an actor with certain requirements. 

I could not take my mind off it. You know that the exam was on a subject when you do not have enough time to eat properly. There I was sitting with so much of the syllabus left. But my mind is captured with that post, and I cannot concentrate on my studies when I do not have time to spare. That’s when it hit me that I want to do acting more than I think I want to. It’s when I started exploring, and in my second year, December 2015, I realized I have to make acting my career. 

Aditi Sanwal

3. What have you learned about yourself since you became a celebrity?

Since I have become a celebrity, it is pretty much the same. So, maybe the one thing I have learned about myself is that I would stay the same, especially to people close to me, like parents, friends, etc. I receive their phone at 4 am or do whatever. One different thing which I have learned about myself was when I was in Medicine, I was chilled and never took stress about studies. I always relaxed or late back, but in general, also, I would never talk about Medicine and always do fun things. In short, I never used to take so many loads when it comes to working. But since the time I have started acting, I have learned that whenever I had a conversion with friends of the same fraternity, I tend to only talk about work. If I am having a talk with my friends from college, I may speak about other things. But mostly, the entire day, I think or talk about acting, my career, or the industry. 

4. What kind of role do you feel most comfortable with?

Till now, whatever I have played, I have been comfortable with the parts, which are like how it is in real life. It is about today’s modern age, or the stress is not so much on dialogues, and you can have a conversation comfortably. These are the roles which the next-door girl will be are the easiest role to play. 

Aditi Sanwal

5. What challenges/obstacles did you face in your journey so far?

There have been so many obstacles in my journey so far. The first thing was to accept that I want to become an actor and switch from Medicine. Of course, everyone sees dancing, acting, etc., as a hobby but to convince me that I want to pursue this was an obstacle. This field is highly unstable, and you have to believe in yourself that you can. 

More than convincing, it was like exploring and understanding if I am fit for this field. After that, breaking the news to my family was another thing, even though they were supportive. I had to come to Bombay and start from scratch as I did not know anybody and what to do. Till now, it’s the same as there is no straight path. It’s like a hit and trial method, so you have to keep working. Being an actor, we had to pass through so many rejections every day, and overcoming them is quite difficult. 

I had always believed in myself, which has been hard, but hopefully, I am blessed and have been smoothly sailing through it. Apart from that, hundreds of problems are there, but I do not pay attention to them. Trust me; I haven’t heard anything bad about my acting as people had liked it. But a lot of things were said about my looks. I have heard things like you are not a typical heroine-looking person or something to put me down. Sometimes, it happens unknowingly, but I haven’t given so much importance to all these things. 

6. Who supported you to come into this field?

My mother has supported me, and it’s not that she has supported me to come to the field. But she is there with me in whatever I do, and suppose if I want to do anything else, she will support me for that. After convincing my father, he also encouraged me a lot. My family has always been my support system and anchor for me. I have been blessed to have them. 

7. What projects are you currently working on?

A few days back, I have completed a web series, and right now, I am working in ads. A few web shows are there, which are about to come in some time and within fifteen days, I think I am going to start with something else. I cannot reveal names, but the nearest thing is I have done Dice Media, Operation MBBS, that you can have a look at. 

Aditi Sanwal interview

8. Who is your celebrity crush?

I have so many celebrity crushes, and I think I fall for their work and get a crush on the person. Suppose if I watch a Korean series, I will have a crush on that actor. For example, I have watched Gully Boy, and I liked Siddhant Chaturvedi a lot. I also like Vicky Kaushal. But if you ask me overall, I think I am mad about Ranbir Kapoor, Shahrukh Khan, Fawad Khan and I am crazy about them. Alia Bhatt is also my girl crush, and I also admire Priyanka Chopra a lot. 

9. What is one message you would give to your fans?

I want to say a big thank you to my fans. They have made me what I am today. My fans have been so generous, kind, loving to me, and there is so much gratitude that I cannot explain. A small little girl who is getting so much love and admiration and people sending me so many gifts and their encouragements push me to do more work. I can never forget that people look up to me, and they sort of taking care of me. Indirectly and directly, they help in raising my morale. I love all my dear fans, and thanks for being there. 

10. What are your plans?

When it comes to plans, it is only about work. I want to work hard in all sorts of mediums and explore everything. My profession is such that it has the liberty to imagine and do so much. I am looking forward to doing different characters.  

11. If you weren’t an actor, what would you have liked to have been?

If I weren’t an actor, I would have been practising Medicine. This is a demanding profession, and everyone looks up to it. My parents are doctors, and I have seen them working so hard and how people admire them, how they are grateful to them. It is such a good feeling to help people, and of course, it is an extremely responsible job and needs a lot of hard work and patience. 

12. Is there a role you have not played but would like to someday?

I am greedy for all sorts of roles. There is not one role that I have not done and want to do. I want to do everything, from being a bitch to be the best girl possible, being a little shy, timid person, a fighter, etc. I have become a princess in my previous show, but I still haven’t got enough of it. 

13. Which of your roles was the most challenging for you to capture?

It was not the most difficult one, but I would say that Rajkumari Durdhara was quite challenging. When I played Rajkumari Durdhara in Chandragupta Maurya, it was a last-minute decision. I was auditioning today at 11 pm, and the next day I am on set in a different city. There was no time to prepare, and with that sort of costume, jewellery, and I had to ride a horse, which I had no clue how to do. 

It was hotter like we used to shoot at 40 degrees Celsius every day and do sword fighting. I am from Jhansi, and I speak Hindi quite well, but the dialogues with a typical dialect and you cannot change them. You have to learn the exact thing. From shooting 17 to 18 hours a day to not getting sufficient rest at times, it was hard, but it was worth it. 

It was one of my favourite memories to cherish that how I had no clue literally on a Wednesday, I will give an audition, and I will be Rajkumari Durdhara on Thursday. It’s been an amazing part to play. 

We had shared the interview of our lovable television actress Aditi Sanwal. Here’s wishing her all the best for the future!

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An Interview With Television Well-Known Actress Aditi Sanwal

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