An ace wedding photographer like Abhishek Verma not only offers clients varied styles. He also captures the personalities of the groom and the bride and brings to the forefront the fun and happy elements in their celebrations. 

Abhishek Verma


So what got Abhishek interested in wedding photography? Well, while he always shared a love for photography, he states that he never imagined that clicking wedding memories would become his profession. Even while Abhishek was studying computer science though, during his engineering days, he was always busy with the camera. So to some extent, his leanings could be predicted. While others were confused about their career choices, Abhishek shares that he always wanted a job where he could spread love through his camera work. He soon realised that he found marriages with their merriment exciting and full of laughter, nerves and emotions. Reason why he chose to be a wedding photographer. 


Abhishek has always been fascinated by innovation and art and has a unique take on couple photographs specially for the pre-wedding sessions. During these moments he ensures that he captures the essence of love between the two individuals who are in love and intend to spend the rest of their lives together. In a calm and relaxed environment, he gets couples to choose their style of being photographed. These range from traditional, quirky, vintage and rock’n’roll besides others. Through his photographs and novel concepts, he creates a fascinating story of the couple that is not just mesmerising for them but for viewers as well. 

Abhishek Verma Wedding Photographer


In an interview, Abhishek Verma opens up further about himself and his company. He shares that owing to his love for creating memories for couples and their families, he is today a self-made wedding photographer. Proud to be the founder and head of Abhishek Verma  Photography based in Jaipur, he describes himself as a fun-loving guy. So what kind of edge does he have over his competitors? He believes the crux of it lies in his interpersonal skills. Instead of standing on the side-lines, he befriends the couple and their families, mingling with them, listening to their jokes, being the one they turn to, and understanding their emotions and feelings. What’s more, he also customises his photography packages to fit customers budgets.

Abhishek Verma Wedding Photographer


When asked about the obstacles or challenging situations he has faced till date, Abhishek lists out many. From challenging personalities of the bride and groom or families to challenging lighting and locations to unrealistic expectations and tough timetables, he has faced them all. He prides himself on shooting with superior quality camera and equipment but the downside of that is that they are costly. That apart, it can be difficult to maintain the aesthetics and superior quality and creativity of photographs. However, Abhishek is always ready for a challenge and quite savors creating timeless wedding pictures. 

Abhishek Verma Wedding Photographer


So does he have expansion plans for his business? Ye, he certainly would like to expand but right now it would be only within India, given the global Covid 19 pandemic, he states. And what is his definition of success? Success is much more than material things. It is a way of thinking and the direction you take. Success is also what your loved ones want you to have, he shares. So, has he faced any challenges so far? In his view, the biggest challenge is saying ‘No’ to clients. And yet it must be done, considering that he does just 4 weddings in one month.

Aastha Jha
Founder and CEO at The Wedding Journal


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