Abhishek Verma Photography

  1. Company name – Abhishek Verma Photography
  2. Founder Name – Abhishek Verma
  3. Email Id– Abhishekvermaphotography@gmail.com
  4. Contact number – +91-7737457508

About Abhishek Verma Photography:

When everyone was struggling to decide on a career, Abhishek Verma had a different vision in his mind. He wanted a job where he could be responsible to spread the love with a camera in his hand. The concept of marriage is real close to him and this merriment gives him the nerves, excitement, laughter, and emotions. That is how he chose to become a Wedding Photographer.

Always fascinated by art and innovation, he goes out of the box for these couples, especially in their Pre Wedding pictures. “I am always trying to capture the essence of love between two people who love each other and want to spend their whole life together,” says Abhishek. He makes them calm and relaxed for their shoot. Vintage, quirky, traditional, or rock n roll, the bride and groom can choose it their way. It reflects in his photography. At times he becomes this creative head of the team and comes up with unique ideas that not only fascinate couples but the viewers too, who get attached to the story of the bride and groom just by looking at their pictures. 

Abhishek Verma never imagined that his love of photography will soon become a profession of clicking wedding memories. A computer science student during his engineering days hanging around with his camera around the whole campus, clicking candid or poses, always behind the scene today is responsible for giving smiles to the couples and their families. He lives, breathes, and share these moments of weddings where everyone is busy or enjoying themselves he is also busy creating memories for them.

Services: Weddings Shoot, Pre-wedding shoot, Portfolio Shoot, One stop solution for all videography and photography requirements

Abhishek Verma Photography

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/abhishekvermaphotographyofficial



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