Knowing The Event Manager Who Made The Wedding Day Of 500+ People More Special

Weddings are the most memorable occasion in any person’s life. On this day, any individual will look forward to enjoying, without having to care about the arrangements or other required measures. To ensure that, the assistance of a wedding management company becomes essential. Aastha Jha an event manager who made the wedding day Of 500+ people more special

This is where, Aastha Jha, a talented alumnus of PESIT College, Bangalore has carved a niche for herself in a very short time. Aastha’s journey began from arranging small-budget birthday parties and get-togethers. However, the company owned by this dynamic entrepreneur has now a turnover of Rs. 50, 00,000 annually. Let us know about her journey and how she became the name that must be reckoned with in the competitive field of event management.

The background

Aastha was one of the siblings of two children born in the Jha household of Patna. From childhood, she wanted to do something of her own. She completed her school-level education at Krishna Niketan, Patna. After that, she qualified in the entrance exam of Consortium of Medical, Engineering and Dental Colleges of Karnataka (COMEDK) and enrolled in the Electrical and Electronics Engineering course at PESIT College. 

She tried for IIT but fate had something else in store for her. In her college life, she began to exhibit and get recognized for her managerial and organizational skills. The seed of having her own company started to root and slowly started gaining grounds. 

Aastha Jha

The birth of Kraftstar Management

However, her dream wasn’t realized immediately after she completed her graduation. In college, although known for her organizational skills, she wasn’t permitted to work in an actual company during her ongoing studies period. 

She joined the renowned insurance company AIG as a risk manager with a very handsome pay packet. Aastha also decided to work at an event management company to gain some practical experience in the field, in addition to her main job. Routine workdays of 18-19 hours and no weekends gave her the savoir-faire and the information she would need to start a company of her own. After 6 months at AIG, she started the venture now known all over India as Kraftstar Management.

The journey after that

Naturally, she faced a lot of criticism and disdain from relatives and other people for leaving such a high-paid job and taking this risk. However, she had the full support of her family. Although, she did not want any monetary help, but got much-needed help when her brother, Satweek Jha, joined her company. He had prior experience organizing events in Patna, which was helpful and instrumental in kick-starting the field-related side of the venture.

Rather than aiming for a big shot at the first try, her company started small in the field of event management. Her first project had a budget of 4000 rupees. With properly placed resources and correctly chosen digital marketing initiatives, the word of her company started spreading. Their excellent services and easy approachability was the key factor in getting further assignments from the best advertisement possible; references from the clients to other people. 

Soon, their business picked up pace and they started getting inquiries for the arrangement of weddings. They bagged their first wedding event contract within six months of starting their company. Their first job was massively successful and the client was immensely pleased. In the meantime, Aastha quit her job by the end of 2017 and started to work full-time in this budding venture. 

Their unique services 

After arranging 15 weddings at the end of their first year, inquiries started increasing and the company started flourishing. Their popularity was reliant on a very unique feature: they provide end-to-end services. The claim is not empty, as their service menu consists of the following:

  • Booking tickets for the guests.
  • Booking venues for the clients
  • Arranging for the caterers.
  • Advising their clients on their apparel.
  • Booking vendors for photography and video.
  • Selecting, getting approval, and arranging the food and decor.
  • Selecting and employing business concern for providing these services.
  • Arranging everything, from the mala to the mithhai for the wedding.

They have experienced and skilled teams ready to provide any type of service the client requires. The can also arrange banquet and destination weddings in several cities of India like Goa, Delhi, Pune, Chennai, Kolkata, Udaipur, and other cities. Till now, they have completed over 300 weddings, corporate events, and other ceremonies. They levy the ‘planning charge’ according to the client’s budget. 

Other than that, they charge a flat fee and don’t believe in working for commissions. If you are looking for a ballpark figure; then according to the CEO herself, a two-day wedding with all end-to-end services including logistics and hospitality for 100-150 guests would cost you around Rs. 1,50,000. Kraftstar Management has spread its business in Delhi, Udaipur, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, and Goa within this period. Since last year, they have decided to focus on event management for weddings only.

Associated facilities

Along with comprehensive services and management of high-budget wedding, Aastha has started several other ventures that complement her primary business of wedding event management. She owns a periodical named The Wedding Journals, which can inform the interested parties about the current trends of fashion or other necessary topics. They own a travel business called “Explore air services” which can be a great support for a destination wedding. 

They also provide make-up services through their Salon “Elegance Make-over and Academy” to get the bride the best look for her wedding. They also have another interesting venture on the pipeline, named “Gathbandhan Vivah”. It is a wedding market of sorts; Indian brides or grooms can rent and sell jewelry in this arrangement. It is expected to be launched soon. 

Aastha Jha

Aastha Jha- The one who dared to dream!

Aastha had a success mantra from an early age: “if you can dream it, you can do it.” This has proved useful in her expansive work experience. Her quality of service is evident from their long-standing and continuing client list. So, if you need the services of this well-known concern headed by the vivacious Aastha Jha, get in touch with her at the earliest!

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